Finals Week and…

Well it’s been a while since I last posted, and I apologize about that. I have done absolutely nothing towards gaining new followers, not even continuing to update my Facebook page, which I know is a bad idea, as people will quickly lose interest if they think my page is inactive. But, I think I have a couple pretty good reasons for not posting.

First of all, this is finals week! While I don’t have any finals during my school’s real finals week, which is today and next week, I did have finals this past week, as well as an 8 page paper due next Wednesday, several extra credit papers I can write (and probably should), and a 12 page paper due next Friday which I can’t start work on until I get my comments back from a very snarky and in my opinion downright rude professor who has been absolutely no help in learning how to do research and write historical papers, which was the goal of the class I took from him.

Secondly, my nana died a few days ago. While I wasn’t particularly close to her, it still makes me very sad to know that she is gone. As such, I have been calling my mother every night to make sure she is doing okay, and if she is not, to try and cheer her up. I love my mother very much and I can’t imagine what it would be like to lose her, so I know this must be incredibly hard for her. I have also had to rearrange my moving out plans for the end of the semester so that my mom can go to the funeral, which is in the UK, and it is too expensive for my sister and I to go. So I have also had to walk my father through the process of coming to pick me up. Today I will be calling him to walk him through booking a hotel near my school, which by himself he would quite fail at. 

So really I have been quite busy trying to write my papers, check on my mom, help my dad, and spend my last week with my friends here before 4 weeks of being at home, which I am kind of looking forward to, because I have some really awesome stuff planned, and kind of not looking forward to, because I practically live with my friends here, and I love them all very much, and they all live very far away and I am going to miss them terribly. But hopefully there will be a lot to keep me busy, especially owls.

Thank you all for your patience, and I hope to be back with you consistently soon.


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