Facebook Challenge: Day 1

Okay, so my starting point is:

Facebook Followers: 45

Etsy Admirers: 6

Etsy Sales: 1

Average Daily Views on Etsy: 26

My actual goal is to increase my sales on Etsy, but to do that by increasing my “good” likes on Facebook. That is, likes from people who are interested in actually buying my products, and who will increase my Edgerank, which I explain in this post.

So, plan of action:

– Find target market/audience: who do I think will really be my base customers. So far my customer base has been college students, but that’s because I am a college student, and it’s easiest to market to people I know, rather than people I’ve never met, and rarely see.

– Figure out how to connect to my target audience: where can I post that the people I want to reach will see what I want them to see.

– Make said connection to target audience: have them follow my blog, like my Facebook page, all that stuff, and hopefully, BUY FROM MY ETSY!

That’s the dream folks, people buying from my etsy. Keep checking in to see how I’m doing!


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