Facebook Challenge – Day 6

So today was another sort-of disappointing day in terms of actually doing things for my Facebook page and it’s popularity. I had finals this morning, so I spent much of the afternoon blowing off steam, because other than two papers, I have officially finished my first year at university! Yay! Although I’m going to miss my friends dearly while I am home, and I’m going to miss living away from home (ugh curfew), so maybe not so much yay.

Anyway, what I did do today was take another look at my insights. I discovered several trends. Most of my followers are online around 4 PM, so I know I should schedule posts to be around then, so that the most people see them. Another trend is that 78% of my demographic reach is women. Now, I don’t know if this is a good thing or a bad thing. I don’t have marketing data, but I think I read somewhere that women make most of the household purchases, especially when it comes to children, which is a good thing if I want to market my owls to children. It’s also a good thing if I want to market my owls to women to give as gifts to their friends, or to buy for themselves. But I think that men are the primary shoppers at high end jewelry stores, because they buy gifts for the special women in their lives there. So if I want to reach more of that demographic, I’m going to have to market more towards men, and I’m not sure how to do that.

Another rather disappointing trend is that most of my demographic consists of 18-24 year olds, which means college students. College students are always broke, because of the very same reason I started making these owls. Moreover, these specific college students are my friends, and have known about the owls all along, and many of them have already bought owls, and might not be likely to do so again. So that’s definitely disappointing, and part of my goal with this challenge is to move away from just my friends liking my page.

Something else to note was my forum post on etsy, which asked for a critique on my Facebook page. I received a reply that recommended that I post less frequently, i.e. three times a week, instead of the roughly nine that I have been averaging. That might work well for some posts I think, like my picture posts, especially considering I can’t be always making owls, so picture posts aren’t always new and available, but I think for smaller posts, i.e. just text posts, I can post once a day, although perhaps not more. Another thing this responder said was that he follows a page where the curator is quite chatty, and even though she posts more frequently than his desired 2-3 times a week, he loves reading her posts merely because of her tone. So the lesson I got from that answer was post in moderation, and be natural, people want to interact with people, not faceless Facebook business pages.

If you have any comments about this post, this blog, my Facebook page, my etsy shop, or anything else, let me know! Email me at wanderingbluewhimsy@gmail.com

To see firsthand the way I run my Facebook page and join my Facebook community, visit http://www.facebook.com/WanderingBlueWhimsy and like us 🙂

To see the adorable owls I just can’t shut up about, check out http://www.etsy.com/shop/WanderingBlueWhimsy

Also, as of today when I went to the Apple Store and got my phone fixed, we will now have an Instagram as well! So follow us @WanderingBlueWhimsy


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