Facebook Challenge – Day too far from the last one

So I sewed a whole bunch of wings onto owls yesterday, and was going to take some pictures of them for my Facebook page, but I was loosing the light, and so I decided to wait until today, when I would have more light. However, now that it is today, my roommate is packing her side of the room, which of course involves taking all of the space I was going to use to take pictures. I suppose I could go outside, but I don’t have anything to put the owls on so they don’t get dirty, nor do I have anywhere to take the pictures. I like in a dorm in the city, I have no personal outdoor space. So for now, there will be no pictures.

I’m come to the conclusion that with my work schedule next week and finals, not to mention I’ve run out of thread, I might just be better waiting until I am home again in a week, and can post owls to Etsy and really kick up my inventory. That way my etsy is getting more traffic, and people can really see all my offerings. I have done enough sewing here that I can put a lot of owls together pretty much as soon as I get home, so it won’t be hard to do that. But I will try to keep posting, just so my base doesn’t lose interest.


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