Facebook Challenge – Day 4

So! Today was a very successful day on my Facebook Challenge! While I did not do too much more research, I did try engaging with my teams, and asking questions on the Etsy forum. The result was I got a lot of advice that was mostly not helpful, or told me things I already know, like that I need to improve my photography skills (I would love to fix my pictures, I really would, I just can’t right now due to the roughly 300 miles between me and my products, which is regrettable).

But! There was success šŸ™‚ Today, I gained 2 more followers on Facebook, bringing my total to 47! Hopefully by the end of this challenge I will have 100, but I don’t care what the number is if they are engaged followers and help me build my brand and my business.

Another interesting thing I learned, and I’m not sure if I’ve written about this yet, but my followers see my posts that are released in the early afternoon the most. Unfortunately so far, that has been posts that do not relate directly to my brand. One of the pieces of advice I received was to post links to photographers, or articles, or anything else that my followers might find interesting. So I tried it out, posting a link to another Facebook group that deals mostly with animal photography, which I quite liked, and I thought as probable fellow animal-lovers, my followers would appreciate. This post unfortunately got more attention than my post about the 12 owls I sewed eyes onto last night.

That is something else I am finding. As I delve more and more into the wonderful world of social media marketing, I am finding that I am more motivated to work on making more owls! As a result, I sewed 12 owls almost completely last night, all they will need is to be stuffed when I get home, which is fantastic. Although, like posting on Facebook, they should be listed on Etsy one at a time, to attract attention over several days. I have finally discovered the reason why movies and high-visibility products have “release dates”: to build up the hype! While it will be difficult to build up hype with the still meager 47 followers I have on Facebook, it is not impossible, and it is my goal to do so.

If you have an tips for me, email me at wanderingbluewhimsy@gmail.com

To join my growing community of fans on Facebook, follow me at http://www.facebook.com/wanderingbluewhimsy

And to see my owls and my sister’s necklaces in action, check out http://www.etsy.com/shop/WanderingBlueWhimsy


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