Facebook Challenge – Day 2

So the first step in my challenge is to figure out who my target audience is. I’ve done that by writing down exactly who I think the perfect customer of my product would be. For me, it’s parents of younger children who are looking for a unique, whimsical, and adorable gift for their child. 

Next step, how can I reach them? The first step to that is work with the base I have. I have to be able to engage my current followers before I can reach new ones effectively. So I went over to my Facebook page and checked out the insights tab. The post I had the most interaction with was one promoting my etsy shop itself. Well, obviously I can’t only post “hey go visit my etsy and buy stuff!” No one would be interested in that. It would in fact, be the most boring Facebook page ever created.

So I took a look at my next most popular posts. They were posts that had photos with cute captions, and showed off my workspace a bit. So that seems like a good kind of post to continue. Short, sweet, and with pictures. So that’s what I’m going to work on for today!


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