hey, facebook! you can kiss my…

This seems pretty relevant, especially with my last post, where I talked about my tiny Facebook following.

everybody's entitled to my opinion

This is so freaking hilarious, AND eye-opening, to me! 

I have been on Facebook since July 2010.  I have 72 friends.  I have had my blog up and running since March 9, 2014.  I have 75 followers.  (Although, 2 of those are pity followers from FB.)  Anyway, let’s do the math.  ‘Kay?  

Facebook + 3 YEARS and 8 months = 72 friends. 

My blog; Talking To Myself + 4 WEEKS and 3 days = 73 blog followers.  

Um, do you get where I’m going with this? 

Now, I will readily admit I’ve always been somewhat of a loner.  From grade school on, and especially from junior high and high school on, I wasn’t really part of the ‘in crowd’.  And, I felt no need to be.  That/they didn’t define me.  After high school, when real life began, that continued.  

When technology caught up with me and Mark Zuckerberg finally invented Facebook, I received some friend requests and I even sent out…

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