First Post!

So I’ve done this blog thing before. I had one in the 7th grade that I basically used as a diary (so 7th grade!), and then I had one I used last year as a senior in high school to try and record and share my experiences traveling around New Jersey, which my best friend and I did to try and cure our boundless wanderlust. In both cases, they fell a little flat, both in readership, and in the effort I put into them. This time however, I think will be different. This is the first post of a new blog, which I’m honestly creating to help boost my etsy sales, but also I think it will be fun! So here we go!

Let’s see… introductions… I’m Danni, I’m a freshman at university in Boston, although not Boston University (oh the horror), and I tutor, babysit, lifeguard, basically any work I can get my hands on to try and pay for what I’m responsible for for school. It’s pretty tough, the job market is not kind these days, especially to those of us with limited availability, and a small disability. So, I love to sew, and senior year I started making owls. I’m not sure why or how it came to be, but it did, and that’s what I do now.

So this is the first blog post under the new name, as well. Welcome to WanderingBlueWhimsy!


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