So considering this is a blog for my etsy shop, I figured this post could be promotional. I added a link to my Facebook page here, which might seem odd, considering I sell things on my Etsy page, not my Facebook one.

BUT I just read an article : http://orangetwig.com/blog/why-my-facebook-fans-dont-see-my-posts?ref=s and it was super helpful in helping me figure out what I need for my Facebook page to actually be helpful. It talks about Edgerank, which Facebook uses to determine how many of your followers see your post. It’s based on engagement, rather than follower number.

I think that’s really interesting. My page is super small, which was emphasized for me when I read this article, as they used the example number of 100 likes. I have 45 right now, which means that if 15% of my followers see my post, then 6.75 people see my posts. That’s probably rounded to 7, because you can’t really divide people like that, but still. That’s only 7 people that see each of my posts. If they don’t interact with that post, via likes or shares or comments, then my Edgerank goes down, and therefore the percentage of people who see my post goes down. When only 7 people see my posts, it’s unacceptable for my Edgerank to go down.

So I’m setting on a course to try and improve the quality of my likes, by improving the quality of my Facebook page. So, go ahead and like my Facebook page, and tell me what kinds of things you want to see on there! I’ll keep posting about my struggles, and the things I learn along the way to 100 likes!


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